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Language Proficiency Tests for Recruitment and Selection

We have conducted customized tests of English, Spanish and Portuguese as second languages in a large number of companies since 1979.

Our task began when we were requested to devise written and oral expression tests of English, Spanish and Portuguese as second languages for recruitment and selection purposes.    We were confronted with an arduous mission of both measuring the level of linguistic knowledge a job or function would require and choose from tenths of applicants a specific person with the most adequate level for the job in question.

We had to resort to statistics to determine the body of foreign language knowledge a job would require and arrived at the desired profile by testing hundreds of people performing that specific function. Thus we were able to design unique and different tests from those usually adopted by most language teaching entities. Our tests were so successful that they became part of the recruitment and selection routine in a large number of companies.

Test Procedures:

Job applicants undergo written and oral tests exclusively related to the job the are applying for. We issue test result reports containing a number of potential candidates and send them to the relevant recruiting area.

Test Benefits:

  • more equitable opportunities;
  • candidates referred to the company by a person in a higher position receive equal treatment as other applicants;
  • Superior linguistic discrimination, even among a large number of candidates showing similar skills;
  • Guidance to recruiters about the foreign language potential of an applicant, as in the case of a function that would only require cognitive skills in that specific foreign language – reading and understanding technical manuals, etc.;
  • Safeguarding a recruiter’s accountability in the event an applicant fails to meet other company requirements;
  • Detection of candidates having exceptionally good skills;
  • Improvement in recruitment quality;
  • Applicants may take the test at their convenience;
  • Removal of the “language expert” figure who, as a rule, has no experience in this field and whose proficiency tests are associated to his or her methods of choice and the topics they may contain;
  • more privacy in the recruitment process. Test results are not disclosed to applicants during the test. Only a recruiter can announce test results.

If you wish further information about our tests or a list of companies that have adopted them, please contact our school (telephone: 5511-5506-9190).


Our proficiency tests may be conducted locally (at our school) or in-company (on company premises).

Tests may be arranged to take place at a certain time, free of interruptions, for applicants to concentrate exclusively on the tests they are taking.

Tests are conducted by a qualified professional, appointed by our school, and test results are directly forwarded to the recruiter, who should inform an applicant’s performance and score.

Test hours are to be scheduled by telephone 5511-5506-9190. Test cancellations or postponements should be made at least 48 hours in advance.


English placement tests for course purposes are available on a specific page of this site.

Online tests are based on a safe data base system and use cookies to identify users/passwords and prevent mishandling of the data bank.

To take a test, you should provide the required information in the proper form and send it to us. Soon you will be mailed all the information required to access the test page (user name and password).

Tests should be taken without interruptions, as questions should be answered within a preset time. Having answered the questions within the programmed period of time, applicant should click the “SEND” button. In the event an applicant runs out of time, the test page will be closed, and the score is based on the questions entered up to the moment the test was blocked. In the event of an unforeseen interruption, you may return to your test later on, but only your unanswered questions will be made available to you. Having concluded the test, e.g. having answered the last question, your user ID and password will be cancelled out.

Your score and other test results (written and oral) are directly forwarded to your recruiter, and it is up to him to inform performance results and attained scores to an applicant.

For further information call 5511-5506-9190 and talk to a test supervisor.

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Conveniently located between Rua Padre Antônio José dos Santos and Rua Guararapes, Brasiliana de Idiomas offers a wide variety of class hours, from 7 a.m., from Mondays to Saturdays.

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